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About Us

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Medicare Matters was established by a group of Erie, Pennsylvania visionaries in 2015. Now, second year on, with over 2,000 members, new branches, 15 agents, it is the consumer lobby for older Americans and the fastest growing 

organisation of its type in the world.

Providing unrivaled access to policy-makers, a raft of commercial benefits, world-class research and top-notch publications, Medicare Matters is everything a Medicare Eligible person needs to navigate the Medicare field.

While the organisation stays true to its roots by giving older 

Americans – working and retired - a strong

national voice, it also leads a new guard of seniors: the baby boomers,

who are already redefining what it means to grow old.

40.3 million Americans are now aged 65 years and over. They join National Seniors for a single voice and to be part of something bigger.

All our Agents are trained and certified, allowing you to rest easier.

We place a high level of importance on integrity - it is what drives our agency and the foundation for our reputation.
Whether helping understanding the plans, providing over the top education,

 or helping with low income substitute applications for extra help, 

it is our pleasure to take part in the lives of so many people.